Driving into Birmingham we know immediately we can find models here. Although in the South it's a little more diffucult to find the more liberal towns, we are getting good at summing up the character of a city. Birmingham has a turbulent past of violent race disputes. The town now as a lot of character with old signs, buildings and mills. We have dinner at a vegetarian cafe and stop for coffee at Celestial Realm Cafe. Too smokey.
I'm finally feeling like I miss a real home. For the first time on this trip I feel tired of going from public place to public place and I long to retreat form the eyes of the world into my own room. I guess I've felt it a few times before but I feel this way the most strongly now.
The next day Spencer and I visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Impressive and powerful exhibits on the civil rights struggle in the south especially here in Birmingham. Spencer gets a call from the owner of the Celestial Realm cafe saying that she and her sister would like to pose. Now we don't have to worry about finding models.
We eat at another delicious vegetarian cafe, The Golden Temple, and then wander around the Japanese gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Birmingham, Alabama Shoot: 2 Sisters and close friends. We shot next to a Full Moon BBQ with 2 sisters Shauna and Robbi. Big happy smiling moon surrounded by a starry sky and skinny pretty sisters. They take us to an old canon next on a hill over-looking the city. Yellow lights down below a grey and dark morning sky. 2 more shots. The sisters offer us a shower. Spencer remembers that during a conversation with the models' mom (who owns the coffe shop with Shauna) that she promised free coffee if her daughter posed. Spencer gives them a poster and they buy three more. After great coffe and conversation and showers we head to Atlanta.