Arkansas Heading
We don't belong here. This is a town from a better past. We spent most of our time on Central Ave. which is Bathhouse row. Big white spanish style bathhouses line this street. Most are closed now and are monuments to the 20's when they were in their peak.
This is the bible belt. It's also a retired town. We are having a hard time finding more than one person to model. We are back for the second night in a row in a bar called Maxine's. Everyone knows each other here. Intimate. Lots of hugging and kissing and hearty gossip - "where've you been?" and a slap on the back. Spencer and I are the only outsiders. I feel like I'm stumbling into someone's private birthday party. Tonight there is a couple playing guitar and singing old songs. The girl has a pretty voice. We found our model last night dressed as a cave girl and we are here tonight to try and confirm our morning shoot. It looks questionable and I don't want to stay here one more day but when we get up to leave she says that she can't wait 'till tomorrow. slide1
These are
some of my
mini sketches

Hot Spring shoot: Our model appears on time and smiling. She is excited to pose. Spencer has her run out to a statue that is in the middle of the street in downtown Hot Springs. The statue is a fountain of an Indain girl and a little boy and some animals - I'm not relly sure what's going on in this fountain. Our model runs out there and almost falls into the fountain on this cold morning..
Another shot with another model across the street in the park where the hot springs actually come out into the public park and we're done It seems to me a sad thing to cover up what comes naturally form the earth with buildings. Although the history and evolution of this town are fascinating it's sad that one has to pay to bath in the Springs. After the shoot we drive to Mississippi...