54 miles to the Grand Canyon. There is rolling desert on both sides and the sun is in front of us to the right. We are heading Northwest. There are scattered groups of cows and horses. Someone must own this vast land or pieces of it. There are also little stands selling authentic Indian crafts by the side of the highway. We don't stop.

I am overpowered by the massiveness of the Grand Canyon. There are so many people here. Every little nuance from people around me touches my nerves - to the point of becoming completely depressed if someone's voice seems tense as Spencer asks them to pose. I think I should leave the tour the way I feel. I don't want to approach anybody. I don't want to be rejected and misunderstood. I don't want to ask people to take off their clothes. Spencer doesn't understand the art of conversation. This place is immense in its beauty and depth, intricate and massive at the same time.

I fall asleep, but all night I dream nervous dream about falling, and vague and strange foreboding danger. I am preoccupied with the shoot tomorrow and imaging the models falling into the canyon.

The next morning: easy shoot, no problems with Lorena, Tammy & Jessica. It's fun hanging out and talking with them. Lorena's boyfriend is angry with her for doing the shoot. She asks my advice - I hope he comes around. My favorite shot of Jessica - shaved head, sitting cross legged by the edge of the canyon. Nobody fell. We left the canyon.

After the canyon, we drive to Pheonix. Not much happening here. Hot air is blows through the window. There is no moisture and everything seems dried out and new. We decide that Phoenix is not where we want to be and we drive on to Tempe. Here we meet up with a guy we met at Burning Man. He is our model.