Tempe is a college town - very cute, very hip L.A. looking kids hanging out. We hang out with Spencer's cousin and shoot in the morning. The Shoot: 4 models-- 3 women and 1 man. We shoot them interacting with giant metal rabbits, a mosque, and misplaced cactus. It is a quick shoot with no problems. Spencer is stressed afterwards. He doesn't feel satisfied with this shoot. He seems on a little bit of a lull and says that there will be no more Naked Pavement after this tour. He feels like he's coming to a close with this, having to rush into a town to find a location, models, etc. We're just tired and a little frustrated.

After breakfast we drive to Tuscon to visit Jonathan's family. We stay with Winnie and Simon, Jonathan's sister and her fiance. They have a new house, southwest style, and are warm and friendly people. We felt like we were staying with family, totally comfortable. We hung out in Tuscon and went to a great cafe hotel where John Dillinger was caught, The Congress Hotel. We visited an old mission where we sat down and ate frybread and tamales. A couple dogs watched us hungrily and flies buzzed around.