Colorado. Denver--Boulder
Faded and misty in the distance. Wow. I like it already-- I can tell. It's just like a hovering god over everything here. We pick up our Phish tickets and plane tickets and head to Boulder where we find Jonathan Tunick's old friend Brian. He owns this totally great sandwich store and makes us both seitan sandwiches and gives us homemade ice cream. This was the very best meal we had in quite some time. Thank you. Spencer and I explore Boulder. Very trendy, hippy, laidback. Scenic and positive place. Chataqua Park is so so beautiful-- I could stay here. We go back to visit Brian at his place and crash in the van in the parking lot.

Spencer and I cruise the town and we find a cheap Mexican Restaurant by a river and drink margaritas. Afterwards, we walk around more and hang out at the Boulder Mall. It's a pedestrian mall lots of people hanging out all in the shadow of the enormous, immense Rocky Mountains.

We meet the lovely Jordana. She's from New York and has travelled cross-country. She and I get to talking and we tell her what we are doing - does she want to pose? Maybe. She tells us she lives in a town called Nederland and that we should drive up there. Jordana is right. It's such a beautiful drive through the mountains, along a river, and up a windy road to this tiny mountain farm. We have a sandwich at the coop and a coffee at a cafe and wander a little looking for my old friend, Hector. We find out that he will be playing at a bar in Boulder so we make plans for the night to see him in Boulder. That night Spencer and I show up for Hector's gig.

By this time, Jordana has called to say she will pose. Spencer and I sleep in town again and wake up early to shoot on the empty pedestal in from of the Boulder Court House. Another very cool model and a great shoot.

Brian, Jonathan Tunick's friend from New York is the greatest guy. We hang out and talk before we leave and he gives us breakfast and plays an improv song all about us on his guitar. Thank you for the bagels!!!