We end up out in a Florida neighborhood. There are houses on one side of the road and a bay on the other with the shuttle launch pad on (and out) in the bay. We park and tune into the launch broadcast on a very fuzzy AM station. We're hanging out laughing and practicing the poses that Melissa will get into during the 30 seconds of time the shuttle launches into the air. Finally the countdown begins. I'm yelling the countdown out to Spencer who along with Melissa is out on a old wooden dock leading out into the bay. It's funny and silly this situation. Melissa gets into position and Spencer shoots as the shuttle explodes into the sky -- red, orange, white, grey and flesh.
Afterwards we drive to another "rocket" location suggested to us by one of the writers who followed us to the shoot. His favorite rocket! we drive another 2 hours through suburban Florida twisting and turning. Does anybody know here we are? This better be good! At last -- the rocket. Hmmm, is this a real rocket? It's more like a red, white and blue paper mache prop. We took a few snapshots and laughed at our guide and started back the long twisty journey back to our van.
keep driving - Spencer and I can't decide whether or not to drive down the coast to the keys. I woke up and I could barely sit stand or walk. I guess 5 months of sitting in this front seat has taken its toll on my lower back. I spend a whole day in pain. I can walk and function but I feel achy and rotten. Maybe the Florida Keys can come on another trip another time. This is the first time I've felt this way. Thanksgiving is coming up maybe we can make it back to New York and surprise Spencer's mom. We figure the Keys would add on at least 4 days to our trip so we head east. Kinda sad but the beach will still be there next time. maybe.