Drive all day to Savannah. I've always wanted to see this town. It's night when we pull in. I'm too tired to look out the window. I just want spencer to park and go to sleep with me in the back. I'll see what it's like in the morning. Spencer parks and goes into a bar to get me a 7up.
The next morning we get up and I feel completely recovered my back doesn't hurt and I'm refreshed and awake. This ia a pretty and picturesque, historical town. We walk around a little and see a bunch of men hanging out in the square. They don't really look homeless but we can't tell what their deal is. We walk into an antique/junk shop. The youngish guy who works there tells us that the guys in the square hang out and wait for work. holding hands under an arch

Someone will eventually drive by in a pick-up to employ them for a day somewhere. Cheap labor, cash under the table. We walk around a little and Spencer and 3 guys in a red car exchange insults. Southern boys, hmmm...
Anyway, we're just looking around. This is a nice little town. People riding bikes. I watch some people pass on the street and start a converstion that lasts about a half hour. After coffee and an amazing croissant from a friendly girl at a coffee shop, we decide to drive on.