Kristin writes:

This Island is so powerful,it's taking a toll on my body and my brain.
Something about
The Big Island
is making me tired. We are now
in Volcano National Park. We have just returned from seeing where
solid lava creeps down to meet the sea. We can watch
glowing red against deep darkness
from a distance.




Will the models show? This morning,
Spence and I woke up at three o'clock am to drive to
the top of Haleakala Volcano. It was an experience that was utterly divine.
At this moment we are waiting at Anthony's Coffee Shop
where about eight models are supposed to meet us.
After five minutes of waiting, no models show up.

Finally, four beautiful women show up to pose for Spencer.
They are all interesting and fun. We are behind a
on a secluded beach with light sand. They are all very
comfortable here, there is a lot of laughing and playing. The situation
seems very normal to them.
I think Spencer has some beautiful shots here.
I have to jump in.

We are in Hana which is located in Maui, Hawaii.
This is a smallish town;
very, very beautiful. Spencer's shot a photograph
of me at Black Sand Beach and another where it looks as if I am
giving birth
to a rock. After that, we went to Red Sand Beach and the water here is a dark
intense turquoise blue set against the red sand. I have never seen anything
this awesome.

Cascading waterfalls
into pools
that flow
into the

Today we are playing, laughing, and hanging out at the beach.
Black sand, turquoise water, and
massive waves, create an idyllic life.
There are intricate caves behind us
and ironwoods. Spencer approaches
some people, Melissa and Jeff.
They are friends for a day.