Des Moines, Iowa

Pulling into Iowa. Sunday afternoon. Where is everyone?

This seems to be a very quiet small town city. Nothing really stands out. Very ornate bronze shiny capital building. Families going to church. We are driving around and in the distance we see some dots-- colorful and moving. Closer and closer. It's the IOWA STATE FAIR!! For ten days the fair is in town.

A day at the fair,

wandering around the rides, games, and booths - country music, dancing. All I want is a fuzzy cat at pound a mole. So I play and lose. Spencer plays and wins but they give the fuzzy cat to the other guy anyway. This Fair isn't Fair! So Spencer's looking for models and we see 4 people at the fair who may be interested - 2 couples. They both would like to pose but after more beers and a cozy rainy night the morning shows no models.

Iowa City

This already is a much more relaxed place and the first place we go is Betty's Bad Clothes...totally relaxed coffee shops, used clothes, book hangout, where Virginia presides. She is so relaxed hanging out listening to music and talking-- she gives me a PBR. I buy a dress and a purse and we find 2 models at the bar. I love them!!! They're from Athens, Ohio, and travelling, hanging.

Explorers- very cool. The guy is big and will pose.