A nice sized town at the base of some sensual soft mountains. Spencer has found 5 models already this morning walking up in Boise. We have just met a woman with the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. I asked her and she said they came to her in a vision at a goddess retreat. She is a midwife and artist. She has a very strong and centered spirit. I feel envious. She seems so sure of her place and reason on the earth. This was just from talking to her for 5 minutes. She gave us directions to a hot spring. I know that I am still searching for a place to be doing something that is close to my heart and spirit.
Today we went through the mountains, hills, and forests of Idaho. One of the most beautiful drives so far. There are miles of soft undulating curves of grass and sage. There are also boulders through mountains and evergreen forests. We drive about an hour and a half to Hot Springs. About a half mile along a river there are hot water pools and a hot waterfall that flows into the frigid water that moves beside us very quickly. Spencer and I have to wade in the freezing cold water under a cliff to reach the hot falls and the best pools. I love the challenge and I am laughing and my feet are aching from the cold. It is so worth the painful cold becuase I am standing naked under a very very hot waterfall falling from hot spring above it.
A blissful day floating, with our ears under the water. There are no sounds except water around us. Meditative and serene. Spencer takes some snapshots of me under the falls and we have to walk back through the freezing cold river. Thank you Amanee for sharing this place with us.

The next morning... 4 models. They all know each other. Spencer shoots in an alleyway with the capital building in the distance. The models are down low and grasping hands. They are happy and excited to pose. Breakfast afterwards, talking and eating, and now we're on the road to Reno.