Sure enough Spencer and I wandering through the streets of New Orleans and into a cafe. We're looking around for models when Reagen grabs my hand with an introductory kiss. Spencer and I decide to wander around with this sharp and sparkly new person to the Mississippi punk rock serenade. Like NYC, New Orleans has enough energy swirling around to carry you into strange and unexpected places. We Spent a week in New Orleans living in luxury and comfort thanks to the love and generosity of Spencer's mom, Patty and Grandma Helen. Beautiful Pink and marble, fresh flowers bellhops in green jackets with tails, fine restaurants, flaming deserts, shopping, walking and watching the honkey tonk on Bourbon street.

Yesterday we wandered in and out of the numerous antique stores of Magazine Street. There were some good vintage clothing stores scattered around. I went into one place. A musty moist smell permeates the large store. not unpleasant, just old smelling. I love looking at these objects from the past. I see some fitted 1940's black wool coats in the back. I pull down 2 coats. I bring them out to the larger room in front of an old warping mirror. I slip my arm into the first one dusty and dirty but very pretty and a perfect fit. I take it off and reach for the second they are very similar in style but I think I like this one better. As I slip my left arm into the sleeve of the coat I immediately feel a quick movement on my skin and a tickling sensation run down my entire arm.
I hear a click as my eyes fall to the sound of a skeleton hitting a brick floor. The largest most enormous insect I have ever seen just ran down my arm as I pushed him from his hangout in the coat that is still on my body. The sales woman is watching this whole situations and is apologizing and trying to step on the giant "palmetto bug" that is quickly making a getaway--my passion for antique cloths is now tainted forever more.
Later, we met a wonderful person named Jennifer - she worked in the hotel as a bartender and cocktail waitress. Very intelligent, a future doctor. The night Spencer and I went into the hotel bar to watch TV we struck up conversation with her after I showed her my drawings, As she walked away Spencer said I just imagined her posing. When she came back we showed her the work, told her about the project and she told us she would love to participate. As our time in New Orleans passed we ran into her all over the place. She's one of those people I feel instantly comfortable around.