Next morning we wake up and drive with Jennifer to the shoot location in the French Quarter. While wandering around Spencer looked around for more models. He struck up conversations with a woman in a shop. She was a little hesitant although she liked the photos.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Her friends came over to see what Spencer was showing her and they had seen the work before. The prospect of photographing one of her friends, in particular, seems like an amazingly lucky opportunity. This friend is beautiful, shapely, articulate and was once a male. Its normally very unlikely for us to have any interaction with a person with this experience and the chance to photograph her, Christian, here in New Orleans is totally appropriate and wonderful and Perfect! I love this City. Reagen and his guitar

2 nudes

Our models have all showed up at the designated location this chilly New Orleans morning. Spencer's first set-up is with Christian. Spencer explained the shot. Christian will stand at the gate of a beautiful New Orleans style house with her friend Greg lying oh his back in front of her. One of her feet on her upper torso as she looked out and above the camera. O.k. the cloths are off. Wow, I'm not sure at all if Christina wasn't always a woman. Who else posed? A little fairy-like girl and another woman with a bright blue wig (which she removed to pose). She climbed with athletic grace up a pole in the French Quarter.

Woman in front of gate

Next shoot: We drive around in our model, Reagen's 1950's car lumbering through the narrow streets. We're looking for a grave with Reagen's name on it. Since we can't find one, we shoot our other model Jennifer in crumbling and viny catacomb.

Bye, bye Louisiana.