We've been here before. It's familiar. This town is full of apartment houses covered in this very strange faux stone siding. It's so strange because a lot of the time you can see the real brick that they covered up. I don't get it.
I go to see some Jack Kerouac and

William Burroughs documentaries.

While I am sleepy and warm in the

small theater, Spencer goes back

to the van. I stay through all

3 films.

maryland poster We end up at a cool little vintage store. A woman with cat glasses and blue dreadlocks runs the place. I see lots of stuff to buy, but we have no more money. No more stuff. We ask her to pose and she needs convincing. She's in a band and is recognized around here with that head o'blue dreads and is very cute. Finally, she say's she'll do it if her friend will. Of course, her friend agrees! So it's settled - 2 models. We ask them where else to look for people to pose, then head to another neighborhood to scout both locations and more models. Spencer finds 2 more models - a woman and a man, but it's so cold I can't keep walking around to look.

We drive over to the waterfront in Baltimore and shoot in a field of yellow wheat-like grass with buildings and ships out of focus in the background. The shoot goes well and we head to breakfast with 3 of the models after. I'm neither hungry nor talkative today and feel like leaving though we've been invited to stay with one of the models tonight and see her band play. I guess we're both a little antsy to get back home. One more state.

water color pic