K Beach 1 Spencer w/ Lobster We are in Ogunquit, ME

Everything is the same with an adult perspective on a child's memories I have such happy memories of this place. I'm so very glad to be here now, my heart hurts. We walked the marginal way, ate lobster at Perkin's Cove. K Beach 2

K Van Watercolor
Leaving Boston... Driving out of Boston


My side of the van is burning hot and it's in the high nineties: I am dying
to escape the smog and soot of the hot city.
Shack Two
The next day swimming in the ocean where I found my love of swimming in salty, wavy sea water. I wish I could swim here all the time. I still love it as a child and an adult.Shack One
Shack 4 Shack 3