Detroit, MI
Our contact here is a woman named Jasmine. She is a painter, studying art at Parsons in NY. We spoke to her mom on the phone from Akron and she invited us wholeheartedly to stay with them in Detroit.
Detroit seems ravaged and worn out. So much that we saw was empty, but when we came to Jasmine's house she lived on a wide tree-lined block of historic homes, some in disrepair and some not.
Jasmine's mom greets us with hugs. Their home is relaxed, warm and positive. Jasmine is Spencer's Detroit model and after a home cooked Spaghetti dinner we got up to shoot with Jasmine.
We shoot all over the city -- she is totally into it and seems to be having fun and is happy to pose in many different locations. Jasmine says she has intuitive sight so we go with them to the old train station.

It is a huge looming old building that stands alone crumbling and decaying. While scouting locations a cop pulls up, very cool (a photographer) warning us about hanging out there at night. He says it's the HQ for the biggest detroit gang.

We leave.