MissouriSt. Louis

I remember passing through here once before. I lie in the van and look out at a neighborhood here in St. Louis. The buildings are sandy colored stone and there is a very large art deco style building in the distance. The neighborhood is old. There are cafes, restaurants, and shops here. Some of the streets are private and looking down I see large old beautiful homes beyond black iron gates. The leaves are green, but beginning to turn, and the businesses are decorated for Halloween. Spencer has been away quite awhile, I imagine him asking people to pose.

St. Louis Shoot

For the first time, we are awakened by a forceful knock on our window and a bright flashlight through the curtains. The police. Someone called them because of a suspicious van. Spencer jumps up, scrambles for his pants and goes out to explain our prescence in this quiet University neighborhood. After our explanation, "travelers... going to every state... heading out in the morning," they are friendly and apologize, but we still have to move.

The next morning we drive to the arch. We have found 3 models. They both can do a backbend while standing. They arch back into a perfect half circle. One of the models had so much nervous energy from standing nude in very public downtown St. Louis. Her boyfriend stood by silently. They had a chichuahua in the car. Tiny Teacup. Spencer actually forgot to shoot the 3rd model. As we were driving towards Ohio, he suddenly remembered and felt bad. Ooops, what a strange mistake caused by the confusion and adrenalin of public nudity. (You would think we'd be used to it by now).