Bozeman Montana

Right now I am writing this while watching the most intense lightening storm I have ever seen. The lightening plays static on the am radio station. You can see so much of the sky here. To my left are clear skies and stars and to my right are brilliant lightening rods. Spencer and I just returned from scoping out Bozeman for locations. We had a delicious gourmet pizza in town and talked to a lot of people. Most places were closed, but I estimate 6 models will show up.

6:15 - 1 model, Eugena. Eugena's great grandparents are from this town and their old place was used in the film, A River Runs Through It. She is sauntering down Main St. wearing boots and a flowery dress - a hometown girl with a very lively, fun spirit. She has seen Spencer's work from a friend that lives in Burlington. She is so happy to pose, so I am glad she is our Montana Model. She seems to be all about growing up in this country.