We drive around this college town looking for a place to find models. There are cars full of college kids yelling out of windows. There was a winning hometown football game tonight and we find ourselves stuck in traffic. While driving around we spot our location -North Carolina State Fair grounds. There is an arched entrance with the words "State Fair". Now we need models.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Tribe Headshop

We make it to a neighborhood where we can walk around to scout for models. We wander in to a headshop. There are some young N.C. hipsters hanging out. The headshop has an event which goes as follows: for a box full of whipped cream cartridges, all you have to do is strip down to your underwear and run to the end of the block. The brave streakers, having completed the naked run, have the choice of either the box of cartridges or some other piece of store merchandise. Upon completing the task their polaroids get taped to the front counter. Spencer approaches a very tall, pierced,and tattooed man wearing lots of black leather and with bare feet. He's in!

The Pre-Nude Dudes

We go to a cafe and Spencer approaches another possible model who is serving coffee. He is friendly and has little dreads. I meet him and assure him that tomorrow morning will surely be a fun and exhilarating time for all. He seems convinced and agrees to partake.

The Nude Dudes

Early next morning we meet our models in front of the bong shop. We all drive to the location while spencer explains the poses. An old wood-paneled station wagon is now parked in the location for the shot. The two men are placed in front of an arch. They're eyeing one another warily.
We all have coffee and bagels and hit the road to Virginia.