Fargo, North Dakota

Now we are in Fargo.
A nice Fargonian in a van pulled up and gave us nine plants. He was in his 60's and I thanked him although I was somewhat confused by his generosity. As he drove off I yelled "thanks!" and said "you betchya".

We pulled in last night and went shopping. We ate fresh sweet corn on the cob that we bought in Wisconsin and drank our wine that we bought in Vermont. I am engrossed fully in my book, The Good Mother, so no writing or drawing until now. Fargo seems friendly so far. Memories from shopping with Mom at Gold Circle. Spencer made a fire and we had veggie burgers and relaxation with the lovely idea of sleeping in the next morning.

Now we are going into town. After showers, breakfast (instant oatmeal and coffee that was actually good) and we are off to find models and see Fargo.