Now we're waiting in a cafe, called the Double Rainbow for a friend of a friend that has moved here from N.Y. She is going to pose. I'm watching a tiny puppy sleeping on a table outside the cafe. Spencer and I spread out on the table and I finish a couple drawings while Spencer works on scraps the movie, no scraps the book, then we go to a movie. Temptress Moon.

In the morning we shoot in front of a Gigantic red arrow in the middle of a parking lot. We were just going to cruise on to Taos and Santa Fe, but lo and behold, we see the arrow, and with Spencer's love of extremely large misplaced and strange cultural paraphenalia, he has to shoot.

So the shoot... 2 models - 2 women. One from Brooklyn, the other an artist. During the shoot our first snowfall, then hail. So cold nipples and other extremities. We had an easy fast shoot and we are on our way to Santa Fe.

Sante Fe, New Mexico

we met most of our sante fe models at this spa

I've heard mixed reviews of this place so I wanted to come check it out for myself. It's really a fabulous spot. There is a proliferation of shmaltzy, touristy, typically overpriced shops and restaurants, but it is also surrounded by incredibly beautiful mountains. I saw the most colorful sunset here. There are some really great streets with galleries and cafes of the earthy energetic sort that we love. I found this very creative and funky place called the Cafe Oasis. I loved their slogan, "For those who need magic to survive. Food cooked with the highest love and sensitivity devoted to your body terrific." They have a different theme in each of the rooms of an adobe house decorated with mosaics and posters of mystics. There is the entertainment room, the spiritual room, the romance room, the smoking room, and the patio. I'm sitting on the floor, shoes off, on pillows and cushions with a very low table in front of me. Iam tired and relaxed, warm and full, but still we ordered pumpkin pie. The next day, we drive to Taos.