Dry, Dusty, Hot & Dirty.
We arrived at the site at about 9:00pm. We find our connection finally and she directs us to a campsite. We walk around through the dust and camps. People are setting up, putting together their different "theme camps". Some sites are really elaborate and some simple. It's a strangely tribe like village in the dark desert - bikes, lights, discos, coffee houses. Where are we?
The next morning we get up and explore the area and get a better idea of the parameters of the Burning Man Festival. There is so much going on, so much bombarding our eyes and ears, but I don't feel like we are participating. Everyone is a performer and everyone wants to be as absurd, bizzare, ludicrous as humanly possible. One night and day of this and I've definitely had enough.
I am wearing hotpants, silver glitter, a boa, and 20 braids. Nudity is encouraged in this temporary society. The best part of the festival to me is walking around without clothes and feeling free, powerful, and beautiful. There are many beautiful bodies here as well as average bodies of all ages and types - much more of a variety than the Phish crowd.