While I see a lot of effort and creativity here, it is all a little forced. It seems so wasteful and juvenile to burn and blow things up and I have been startled out of my mind several times by explosions that were too close and others coming from who knows where or why. I like the philosophy behind Burning Man and am all for unbridled self expression, but these 4 days to me is just overkill. One night in the East Village Pyramid Club is enuff for me.
After Burning Man, everything we own is now completely covered in desert dust. Our van/our home is destroyed. Every surface has a film of dirt over it. We need a major housecleaning. Spencer and I decide to splurge and stay in a motel so that we can get out of the van and soak the dust from our skin. The next day we spend hours doing laundry and washing the van inside and out. Now we have a fresh start to continue travelling. We head to Portland Oregon.