Driving through the mountains on our way to Oregon. We drive past lakes and rivers and hills and mountains. Mt. Shasta spiritual convergence location- snowcapped and mystical. This drive is curvy, up and down mountain driving. Very scenic constant mountainous terrain. We spend the night outside of Portland in a RV park. These places are strange, but the showers are good so we get up early and drive into
A very pleasant city. There are trees within the city and it is surrounded by hills. We drive around and have coffee and a veggie rueben. Later we find this great coffee shop where Spencer finds his models while I look through the vintage shop next door. Portland seems relaxed and hip. There are a lot of street kids, crazy or sqatters, junkies, etc. Spencer and I drive around singing old style band music from the 50s, making up lyrics and driving aimlessly. We find the art museum and ballet, and a great bookstore like the Strand.
Spencer shot on the water- the river that runs through Portland. There were three models- very nice. They were all from other places, and feel like they like Portland ok, though it still feels like a small town.