Ports, my one day assistant in RI. His current project is photographing this muffin wherever he goes.
Kristen and SpencerKristen & Me next to a Phil Frost tag, Phil is a painter and a friend who now lives in nyc.
We're having muffins and iced coffee in a cyber cafe in Providence, R.I. sans shoot today. Last night we parked at the campground and then drove in 40 min. to Providence. Camp Site BadgeWe pulled up in front of a RISD dorm where there were some students and got a lot of enthusiasm for posing - about 10 "yes's" & "maybe's". The college mindset is adventurous. These students remind me and others that we are older. We have dinner and scout around a little for locations, but we are too tired and we need to sleep after this day of driving & we are thinking about tomorrow.
bubble cityLocation #1 - 3ft. high posts set apart. The 4 models stand on the posts with the city in the background. This shoot is more abstract than some of Spencer's photographs, using the shapes and textures of the city as a background against the bodies? I think? maybe Spence has more.

Fire EngineLocation #2 - Victor embracing a clear plastic bubble that is part of an abandoned fire engine. On the way to the 2nd shot Spence is somewhat nervous. He wants to live up to the expectations of the models, crew, friends. 20 people.
We drive down a road and find an old fire engine just waiting for us, Fuel TruckI guess and an oil/fuel company truck garage. There is a little pressure to find locations - conceptual and otherwise - but the roads lead us and the way Spencer sees his environment, the things less obvious sometimes speak the loudest to him. We have a great shoot.