Cat Doodle Charleston, South Carolina

We drive into Charleston and sit down at a restaurant to eat a pasta breakfast. Spencer asks a guy sitting with his girlfriend a few tables away if he would like to pose. He seems interested and intriqued. Spencer asks his girl friend too. He wants to shoot two women in front of the citadel. After eating, we explore the city a little we drive to the citadel and scout locations. It's a looming white castle-like complex enclosed with a barbed wire fence. There are a couple of interesting angles, but there are guards on duty all over this place.

The Citadel

DoodlesThis is a great little town. Spencer and I drive around the park and Spencer notices two women laying on the grass. He says he's going to ask them to pose, so we park the van and approach them. We begin the usual speech. It is an amazing coincidence that the girl Spencer is asking is best friends with the guy we approached earlier at the pasta joint. They had already spoken and decided that they should do it.


We agree to meet up later to talk and show them some more work. Spencer and I decide to eat in a cafe, but get some really bad hummus and go somewhere else. Spencer sees a sushi restaurant. Even though we're running out of money he decides he can't resist so we go in for a "couple of pieces". When they bring our order, we have the tiniest sushi portions we've ever seen. Spencer sends it back. 2 strikes. By now it's time to meet our models for coffee at the cafe. They love the work and would love to get naked in front of the citadel. The girlfriend seems a little tentative still, but I know she will want to do it when she sees how fun it is.

Next morning everyone's on time and cheerful for our morning adventure: two women in front of the citadel. They drop their clothing and run to embrace in front of two signs that say DO NOT ENTER. We finish up the shoot and head for the park to shoot with the other model. We have to wait until a family with small children wanders off to another part of the park. There is another father with his two small sons nearby so we explain what we're about to do. He smiles and steers his sons toward the water. Best to avoid confrontation with innocent bystanders.

Off to North Carolina...

Nude on a Canon