Biker Rally for 1, 2 weeks. This town becomes a black leather bootyrific biker bonanza and we are here. Yikes. This is more than a little intimidating. These people are a new culture to me. I don't feel comfortable but Spencer doesn't feel things as personally as I do. I'm self-conscious.

It was funny talking to the nudist couple-they were nice people and later they stood in front of their truck next to the bumper sticker that said, "GO NUDE IT FEELS GOOD!" heh heh heh.
So let's get the hell out of this town.

The shot in Sturgis...

3 people- i woman who was wearing chaps and a g-string . She approached Spencer because she thought he was from Easy Rider Magazine and she wanted to be in the Sturgis issue. Oh well, she'll do it anyway. Them and a couple Spencer had approached at the busy strip in Sturgis.