Today we drive in Texas. Flatlands in this part of Texas - boring highway driving. Read, drink tea, some music. Poor Spencer always driving. Finally a change in the landscape, around us now - cotton! There are bright white dots on brown sticks and some on green plants. Later, there are empty bare fields of twigs with giant blocks of cotton laying on the ground waiting for the truck. Amazing, not a wisp of white left on the empty brown sticks.

Austin, Texas. College town. Austin has the second largest university in the country. This town is full of young people and college students. We end up parked outside a Frat house. The music and bar scene is big, as well as the cafe culture, but I miss New Mexico already.

We have a Saturday morning shoot in front of the capitol building, which is 7" taller than Washington, D.C.'s. Madison is #3 in a chain that started in Seattle of models calling friends in other towns to pose. Quick, easy shoot on empty Saturday streets. I don't think S.T. is satisfied yet so I don't know if we'll move on yet. Another day and night and another morning shoot in Austin. We stop for breakfast at a rock 'n roll diner/cafe and Spencer wants to ask a guy who works here if he's interested in posing. He has a bald head, no eye brows, and thin, intense, deeply set eyes. We ask and he responds that he would love to. He has seen the work and even posted up an image. He's an artist and lives in an artist co-op.

Yesterday driving around, we found a giant boot and an image of a wall of Jack Nicholson from The Shining. We also walked around some great antique store where Spencer traded a print for the use of some giant teeth.

Back in New Mexico, we met 2 lovely German girls in the Hot Springs. They were also travelling the country after spending time in New York working as au pairs. They met us in Austin to pose.