Yesterday we bought a new Dylan album. We listened to it as we drove out of Las Vegas into a new terrain. I lay by the speaker in back while Spencer drove. I let the music flow into my head and Dylan's poetry can always put me into another time and place.

We drive into Moab, Utah in the rain. There is lightening in the distance and darkness. I think that this town will be good for fun and models.

It's 8:15 at night in Moab, Utah. I am so tired, it feels later. We sleep and I dream of an artist group that wants me to join them. Spencer dreams of wild Hollywood producers trying to engage young women in sketchy, shady movie deals, and runaway elevators. We sleep outside a cafe. We wake up and have a huge breakfast and head to Arches Park. Today we decide to get a taped tour so we can learn how this insane, impossible, precarious landscape was formed. Every color is here and the rocks look like liquid or dough. He thinks I am using some kind of technical term for these rock formations: "ordeaux". I keep trying to explain no, or dough, like bread!!!

My favorite spot was a canyon area where red cliffs tower above. Everything glows a rose colored hue and red trick soft sand fills the floor. There was a family with 2 girls running and climbing in the sand and rocks--climbing and tumbling. I sat on a rock and watched them; one kind of was showing off. She was a little monkey. Her dad said that when she was two, he had to pull her down off the house.