Now we are driving on one of the best roads. We have gone from red and black rock mountains and canyons with small desert like vegetation and sage, to green rocky hills all around us. Beside the highway is a dirt road that curves and swerves all through the hills, at times even cutting through the tunnels in the rock. Sprinkled among the evergreens are a different kind of tree that has turned fire red and brightest lemon yellow, but only some have. Perhaps the leaves are changing for the fall, even though it is hot here. Utah is blowing my mind.

It seems so outrageously surreal-- red, red glowing with colors and undulating curves, mixed with crumbling rocks. The land spreads out forever in front of us. I wish I could get out and wander around. I really can't believe I'm here and I am so thankful to be seeing the things here and the way the land has formed.

Spencer bought me a present of green sparkly kiwi scented nail polish. Later we pulled over off the highway and made love. We do that sometimes. It's good for either relaxing and a nap, or a quick energy boost. I look out the window at the wind. There are rainbows everywhere in the sky above the unbelievable red rock cliffs and canyons.

Chessa and Dean

We met Chessa outside of the Slick Rock Cafe. This is a town full of climbers and mountain bikers. Spencer approaches her and it turns out she is here to meet us because she heard about the tour and wants to pose. I think that they were fighting a little at first this morning, but when we got out there in the arches it was so fun and felt beautiful climbing around naked. We saw 2 big horn sheep running around very close to us. I really liked Chessa and Dean - I'll miss them. I wonder if they will stay together. Spencer gave Chessa a print. She loved the work so much and gave us such an energy boost. It's so good to give presents. Spencer surprised me yesterday with tiny lizard earrings and a superball with a snake in it. I also replaced the mug that fell out of the car in Seattle and broke, but I still haven't thrown it away because it is so beautiful.

Today we drive to the Grand Canyon. We are driving through Utah and the scenery is changing now. We see an even richer red color in the cliffs. Plateaus, bullets, strange eroded rock formations. Valley of the Gods striped red and grey zig zag and curving patterns. We are driving through the Navajo Nation. There is green sage on red sand in the distance-- purple spires and buttes - they look like castles. Monument Valley and the painted desert.