Rolling into Richmond up (or down?) a very wide street. Through downtown past a 60's style street scene leftover storefronts and 4 storey buildings. We drive by townhouse neighborhoods to a popular health food store. model potential always at the natural food stores. earthy open experimental attitudes.

We ask the people who work here and get a lot of affirmative responses. Spencer is thinking about doing this right now right here and heading out but no we wait. He already found the location right outside. There is a billboard with snap crackle & pop - part of the got milk campaign. It's placed right next to a Kool billboard. Woman leaning on pool table smokin' Kools. We can't do it now anyway because we have to buy a carton of cigarettes first.

Spencer gets his hair cut and we walk down a street with the shops & cafe's. We see a young earthy couple sitting outside a cafe and we approach them. We have an immediate response with these 2. Fellow former travelers and artists.
I love these 2. So free so adventurous. Now they're married and hanging out with their southern revival friends. They love fried things. She's making a pumpkin pie to take to a party and I'm playing with the new kitten. In their kitchen. New friends within an hour. I love it.

Next morning. 12 people up early. Box of Cigarettes ready and it is really really cold. painful to watch as everyone strips ans grabs a handful of cigs and falls into position, laying on their backs and shivering. The shoot is fast though. All the models get back in their clothing and make plans for coffee and breakfast. We head to a cafe with all the models, then say farewell. Now for happy travels to Baltimore, MD.