Seattle, Washington
We've made it to the Northwest from Carribou, ME to Seattle, WA. Seattle seems like a big city again. Well it is. We soon arrive in a residential neighborhood. There are quiet tree lined streets with yards very close to the downtown and skyscrapers. The Capital Hill area. Young energy, cafes, shops, and restaurants; these are the places we will look for models tomorrow. Spencer and I drive around yelling and carrying on with fake accents, and acting like nonsense silliness.
We decide to park here for the night in the Capital Hill area. I go into a bar to use the bathroom and the bartender asks for my ID. Everyone is smiling and looking at me. Friendly or??? It seems as though I could make a lot of friends here, but not tonight. Instead I go back to the van and sleep. This van, this bed, is not the cozy cave it usually is. It is tiny, clausterphobic, and on a slant so that I am falling slightly. Muscles clenched against gravity, slipping in and out of sleep. Oh well. Another day in Seattle. We call Kate, the woman we met last night and we pick her up at her place.
It is a big warehouse loft apartment. She is beautiful and androgynous with a quiet voice and a great smile. We drive around, scout locations, eat sushi and sake, see more of Seattle, and later drop her off so Spencer can make invites to hand out. Kate offered us a place to crash. We slept in her parking lot so we could get up to shoot with her and Eden.