I had always pictured Madison as a liberal, somewhat politically minded scene. It's nice, the town here is happening, shops, cafes, and a small scene centered around the college.

Now we relax and wait for the film crew to catch up with us, last night I had crazy dreams about the beatles while sleeping on Robin's white carpet.

Driving around Wisconsin Spencer is commenting on how his work that he is doing now is not for the art world; The wonderful thing about Spencer's work is that anyone anywhere will have an immediate feeling and recognition taken from looking at the photos.

Our bodies and our earth and how we fit in. It is simple, it is obvious and it creates so many shared feeling with its simplicity. Isn't it enough to shoot or draw something that strikes the artists emotions reflecting that particular individuals vision? I think so, why art???

A woman that we met in a very good used book store is going to pose. She was wearing an old red dress, blonde hair, black shoes. She seemed skeptical at first and then later she called spencer's beeper and she
decided to pose.

She came with her brother she posed in front of a giant cow by a giant cheese sign. Kitsch Klassika.