Jackson, Wyoming
Jackson Hole is lots of money. A resort town under the Grand Tetons-- the most beautiful and impressive mountains. The Great Breasts. It is here we find some incredible people. Larry, Eric, and two others. They all live here and we have a great time with them. They are friends, so it's a relaxed, comfortable and fun shoot. In front of the antlers arches in the center of town and on the street in front of the all encompassing mountains.
Afterwards we all sit in the cafe where Autumn and Eric work and we have an incredible breakfast and talk about art, life, the city, the country. We are on the road again to Yellowstone Park.
Driving through the Grand Tetons National Park. This is where I will come back-- unspoiled beauty, uncrowded and serene. Majestical, powerful Grand Tetons lake. Jenny and I would like to explore here but we have to get to Yellowstone.Driving has become more than empty travel time. It is now part of the visual adventure. All the roads go through amazing scenery now. Everything is beautiful.
I want to pose with my beasts mirroring these mountain breasts. Spencer and I shoot just he and me and I spin and dance and bend backwards in front of the mountains. Fun and playing.